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My publications are in German
At the moment I´m working on an English translation.

Too fat - life without bulimia

Too fat!
Life without bulimia - The search behind the addiction
Gyan Anila
Innenwelt Verlag
ISBN 978-3-936360-28-8

Using the example of her eventful life story, the author shows that there are ways out of the anorexia-bulimia cycle.

“At some point I began to understand that it wasn't about fighting the addiction, but rather seeing it as a separate part of myself that wanted to be integrated.
I had tried so many times to free myself from my addictive cycle with discipline and willpower. But each failed attempt pushed me deeper.
Only when I mustered up the courage to face myself, to confront myself with my aloneness and to look everything in the eyes that appeared: my fears and pain, my feeling of abandonment, existential fear, the fear of being lost in infinity or being isolated.
With the growing courage, deep processes began. And at some point there was the certainty that I could cope with anything..."

Too fat - life without bulimia by Gyan Anila Moeschel

Anila as guest author

Goodbye, Ana & Mia

Sex, Drugs and Selfcontrol (SDS), the book series based on lived experiences.

SDS is a call to people who have experienced formative fates and illnesses. By taking notes on the books, the valuable experiences and knowledge you have gained will no longer remain hidden, but will be passed on in a useful way. The books give insight into foreign worlds and...
- allow others such as... Understand relatives better
- are a source of hope and soul work for those affected
- are a guide for young people who are looking for meaning.

The collected contributions come from people who were affected by anorexia nervosa (anorexia nervosa) and/or bulimia nervosa (eating addiction). They starved themselves to stay thin, to get love and attention or to escape the “noisy world”. What were the triggers for the eating disorder? When did you become aware of the illness? What were their thoughts and fears? And above all, how did they find their way into a free life? These are just a few questions that readers of this book will get answers to.

Authors: People from life
ISBN: 978-3-9028210-3-4 HerzStern-Verlag
paperback, 188 pages

goodbye ana&mia by Gyan Anila Moeschel
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