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Anila is a well-educated and experienced therapist who has been giving private sessions and groups and working in several healing centers for almost two decades.

In her early years she studied acting and spent twenty years on stage as a comedy performer.

Simultaneously she got trained in numerous healing arts such as different kinds of Bodywork, Family Constellation, Medial Perception and the Unconditional Model by Anneke Lucas (Trauma Healing).  

She studied in Germany, India, South -, North and Middle America.

Inspired and trained by numerous therapists, healers and shamans she developed her unique blend of healing work.

The most important quality in her work though is the knowledge and compassion she gained from her own healing path, recovering from an almost deadly accident as well as healing from twenty-four years of bulimia, and the extreme trauma and abuse that was the root cause of the addiction.

Besides therapy, a big support in her own healing has been meditation, her connection with the divine and the support of plant medicines. 

She writes books sharing her own healing path and supports people through individual sessions and groups.

Anila Moeschel Holistic Healer & Medial Consultant

"Love is the bridge between you and everything"
- Rumi

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